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Awnings and large umbrellas

Statistics show that pollution from the environment, and other contaminants such as vegetation, pollen, bird droppings, etc., form a layer of dirt on awnings and umbrellas. This may be difficult, or impossible, to remove, thus reducing their effectivity and appearance. Lack of impregnation additionally promotes green build-up through damp.

Here we can apply the benefits of liquid glass technology.

For all other textiles, and even leather products, we use our special sealants, which have been specially developed for each surface. The product forms an almost invisible, thin surface film around the fiber. Due to the hydrophobic effect, the rate of moisture penetration and soiling from soot, coffee or red wine is significantly reduced.

Textile and leather sealants are resistant to most chemical cleaners.


  • Water, oil and dirt resistant – indoors and outdoors
  • Creates a durable, transparent, extra-thin film
  • Non-stick surface
  • Contains no wax or silicone
  • No visible change to the surface
  • Withstands manual cleaning, UV rays, salty air, and other environmental contaminants
  • Water and dirt repellent ( hydrophobic )
  • Reduces the need for chemical cleaning products

Examples of Usage

Convertible soft tops, chairs, seats, covers, carpeting, awnings, umbrellas, garden and patio furniture, gastronomy umbrellas, tents, sails, shoes, clothing, wallpapers, upholstered furniture, car seats, car hoods, mattresses.