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Our Service Offering

Our glass-ceramic coating is the first choice for sealing treatments in the maritime industry. 

Very special protection is needed for boats and yachts. Whether sailing on fresh water or sea water you require a clean finish and shine. The appearance should reflect value, seamanship and safety. Our boat and yacht coating with nanotechnology delivers you this.  

The coating is abrasion and UV resistant, durable from temperatures between -50°C and +300°C, and resistant against salt water and chemicals. The coating is easy to care for and, due to the adhesive properties, no sanding is required when applying new coatings, or partially renewing coatings. In subsequent treatments the silicone will only deposit in areas where the surface requires it through abrasion or other damage.  The coating can be easily cleaned with a pressure wash and polish.

The glass molecules (silicone dioxide/SIO²) are made from pure quartz sand, one of the earths most abundant natural resources.  Surfaces are coated in a single operation and create a long-lasting water-resistant surface: ideal for the cleaning and sealing of yachts, boats, ferries, houseboats, buoys and much more.  

Product Description

  • Silicone-based clear, colorless liquid
  • Permanent, transparent coating ( Polysilazane Technology)
  • Permanent barrier – hardens at room temperature
  • Excellent adhesion
  • Contains solvents
  • Fluorine free
  • Abrasion resistant
  • Corrosion resistant
  • Resistant against sea water, chemicals, fuel, oil, environmental pollution, green deposits, juices and alcohol, sea gull droppings
  • UV resistant
  • High-impact resistant
  • Withstands temperatures from -50° C to +300° C
  • Self-cleaning effect through rain water or spraying

Antifouling – Overview

Antifouling Ultra is a solvent-based antifouling coating, which can be used in both recreational and merchant shipping and for all speed ranges. Through the advanced composition of polyacrylic and vinyl-copolymer only minimal surface preparation is needed and, as it is remarkable fast drying, application is very easy.

In combination with the product’s properties, antifouling triggers a process called reactive hydrolysis.  This forms a surface which, when in contact with water, becomes uniformly smooth and thereby lowers fuel consumption. Antifouling is non-ablativ, non-abrasive and can be used to coat most of the existing anti-fouling paints if they are still in good condition.

Antifouling Benefits

  • Significant savings
  • Superior protection
  • New environmental technology
  • Non-ablative
  • Minimal prepartion
  • Excellent color retention
  • Designed for high performance
  • Super smooth surface with low friction
  • Equally well suited for salt and fresh water
  • Larger area coverage per liter
  • Remains effective even after long periods of downtime
  • Simple application
  • Quick drying, reduced downtime
  • Suitable for steel, aluminum, wood and glass fiber
  • Flexible – no flaking or tearing