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Special Products

Discover even more products made possible through the properties of nanotechnology, such as Odor-Ex, Mold-Ex, Anti-Fingerprint and Anti-Fog.


  • Combats odors at their root cause and improves hygiene.
  • Dermatologically tested and harmless to humans, animals and the environment.
  • For use in the kitchen, bathroom, toilets – wherever they may be.


  • Removes and destroys mold, fungus and bacteria.
  • Bleaches and disinfects.
  • Long-lasting and deeply effective.


  • Protects all surfaces from annoying fingerprints.
  • Reduces cleaning


  • Prevents the formation of condensation on glass and plastic – interior and exterior
  • Increases safety and visibility when applied in transport or sporting activities.

Nanotechnology can be applied in SO many areas and for SO many uses. Almost each day a new potential area of application is being discovered for the benefit of industry, small business and the home.