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Many providers of vehicle coatings offer extremely high-priced nano-chemical applications with short life-spans (on average for 15,000 – 25,000 km usage) or pseudo-products, which, at best, are wax based. This is difficult for the customer to judge.  At we are committed to only using genuine and certified nano products that have proven themselves over 20 years in the industry.

In the vehicle segment for surface sealing we offer long-term glass ceramic sealing. This special coating was developed to meet the requirements of the marine, military and aerospace industries. It can be applied in many areas, and is exceptionally resistant to corrosion, abrasion and temperature fluctuations and has high adhesive properties. The thin, transparent coating is also extremely durable.

For the durability we give a 5 year Warranty with certification.


  • Contains solvent (no water)
  • Very reactive and resistant to a high number of organic solvents
  • Clear, colorless liquid, based on silanes
  • Extremely abrasion-resistant coating with high adhesive properties and high impact resistance
  • Highly resistant, even against rocket fuel
  • Easy-to-clean effect, coated surfaces stay cleaner for longer and are much easier to clean (without aggressive chemicals)
  • Ideally suited as a water and dirt repelling sealant for non-absorbent surfaces – internally and externally
  • Cleaning is easier and required less often
  • Coated surface can be sprayed or wiped
  • Extremely resistant against corrosion, alkalis, abrasion, salt water and salty air (salt spray tests are carried out)  

— Heat resistant to plus 750°C operating temperature

— Cold resistant to minus 50°C

Professional coating should always be carried out by trained experts in order to achieve the best results. Not taking into account environmental factors, such as temperature and humidity, as well as incorrect or unclean application, may lead to a less than desirable result.  This is why we offer our products exclusively together with our service. As specialists in nano-chemical sealants, we provide a quality service with guarantee.


Small and midsize car 539 $ / Station wagon, SUV, full size car 755 $ / Pick up + minibus 969 $ / Wheel rims or front windscreen 109 $ / Convertible roof 215 $ / Seats: textile, leather, imitation leather 215 $ / Dashboard (plastic, chrome, etc.) 215 $ / complete windows internal 215 $ / complete inner space 539 $

Small Campervan 969 $ / midsized campervan 1299 $ / large campervan 1619 $ / extra-large campervan 2159 $ / Seats 215 $ / Dashboard 109 $ / Cab windows 159 $ / Bathroom without toilet 215 $ / kitchen 109 $ / door post inside 109 $ / MOTORBIKE 429 $

For paints, glass, chrome and other metals, plastic and acrylic, we use our long-term glass-ceramic coating with a 5-year warranty.  For textiles, leather, imitation leather, etc., we use nano sealants specially adapted for these surfaces with a 12-month warranty.


Interior cleaning for cars + campervans:

Cockpit + cab interior 70 Euro / 75 $
Interior cleaning for cab to mid-area 200 Euro / 215 $
Complete interior cleaning incl. shower 450 Euro / 485 $

Cockpit + cab interior 70 Euro / 75 $
Complete cleaning interior and exterior 250 Euro / 270 $

Complete interior cleaning small + midsize car 60 Euro / 65 $
Complete interior cleaning MPV 70 Euro / 75 $
Complet external cleaning small + midsize car 80 Euro / 85 $
Complet external cleaning MPV 90 Euro / 95 $
Dog hair removal 40 Euro / 45 $
Polish 50 Euro /
Complete cleaning exterior van 100 Euro / 110 $
Complete cleaning interior van 150 Euro / 160 $

aircraft up to 1985 lb from 969 $ / aircraft from 1985 lb to 4410 lb from 1619 $ / aircraft from 4410 lb to 6600 lb from 2159 $

Important Information when Glass Ceramic Coating your Campervan

Things every campervan owner knows

From a certain size on, the external cleaning of a camper can be pretty time-consuming and complex: often taking up to two days of your time.  Apart from ongoing cleaning there are those difficult-to-reach places where dirt often gathers, and are tricky to clean. In particular, the whole front of your motor home, in the truest sense of the word, a flycatcher.  Many also know the problem of those black steaks down the sides, which form after rain water, coming from the roof, has pulled the dirt along the vehicle.  Around the windows, the rubber seals have funneled the water, causing the black streaks. Something that’s not pretty, but normally can’t be avoided, and have to be continually cleaned to avoid difficult build-up.  

But it doesn’t have to be that way

If you want to spend your time on other things, rather than cleaning your camper, a ceramic sealant is the way to go. Not only will you save a lot of time, there are other benefits that you won’t want to miss out on once you have become aware of them.   

How you can make better use of your time

With a ceramic-coated camper you need far less time for cleaning. No need to wet it down, shampoo it, re-rinse it, dry it and polish it: 5 steps you can avoid and 5 reasons to save time. All you need is a pH-neutral car shampoo applied with a pump-spray, and you save on expensive and harmful chemicals normally needed for dirt and fly removal, and as you will only need about 5% of the water you have previously used, much less water is wasted. With the time and the money you have saved you can now go out for a nice meal, and have done something positive for the environment.  

Easy-to-clean effect

The ceramic coating ensures you don’t need to worry about those tough jobs such as insect removal, black streaks, tree resin deposits or bird droppings.  The rubber seals and alloy wheels can be easily wiped down with a microfiber cloth. Your camper is, with little effort, as good as new!   

Protection and preservation

Ceramic coating also protects and preserves the paint work on your camper.  The transparent coating builds an extremely hard but flexible protective surface which, in contrast to nano sealing, is abrasion resistant and moderately scratch-resistant. The coating lasts for at least 5 years and our customers receive from us a 5 year warranty.  

Increased UV protection for fiberglass body work

Additional benefits include UV protection, even in adverse conditions, and protection in extreme temperatures from minus 70 degrees Celsius to plus 850 degrees Celsius. This is especially important for campervans, whose structures are mainly built from fiber glass and aluminum, and are generally white in color. UV rays can result in a yellow discoloration and with our ceramic coating this is considerably reduced.

You have invested a considerable sum in your campervan, and hope to enjoy it for many years to come. Depending on the size of your vehicle, ceramic coating would account for as little as 1% of your total investment. And if you decide to sell or upgrade your vehicle, all of the benefits that come with a professional ceramic coating lead to a higher re-sale value for your motor home, and a secure investment for you.

Interesting facts about fiberglass parts, Gelcoat and „chalking“

Fiberglass-reinforced plastic (FRP), is a composite of plastic and glass fibers. It is used in the following areas: vehicle parts (such as hoods and mudguards), shrouds and windings, rotor blades for wind turbines, hulls of boats and yachts, etc.

A Gelcoat is a particularly hard coating, which is applied as a protective layer on molded parts made of fiberglass-reinforced plastic. The Gelcoat seals the component against moisture and protects against UV radiation and pressure damage. The use of Gelcoat was established in yacht building with the advent of fiberglass construction, which required more and more fine-tuning and individual adjustment. With aircraft and motor vehicles with a fiberglass body, a gelcoat surface treatment is increasingly needed, as there are many custom-made forms required.

FRP surfaces are not as resistant as they first seem. The durability of the surface depends to a great extent on the water resistance of the Gelcoat. Damage, aging, improper cleaning and inadequate preservation are the main causes of premature failure of the water barrier. Gelcoat is fundamentally exposed to a wide variety of weather conditions and suffers mainly from: UV radiation exposure to water and atmospheres (air pollution).

These loads cause the structure of the Gelcoat to weather. Due to this corrosion fillers and pigments can no longer be held and it comes to the so-called chalking, where white, loose deposits gather on the matt surface. These must be removed, as they promote further corrosion. A corroded Gelcoat is infiltrated by water and water vapor. This is visible through dirt shadows and streaks, which appear under the surface and cannot be removed by normal cleaning.

The sealing material used by us is a German product, which has been repeatedly improved and optimized by our chemist for more than 10 years. Our sealing material includes ceramic building blocks as well as silanes.

Unlike other providers, our product has been used successfully for more than 10 years and therefore we know what a long-term result looks like.