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About us

As a partner of the nano industry, we can offer you the best know-how in the field of surface cleaning and sealing. Our range is comprised of exceptional, high quality nano products which can be applied in everyday usage for industry, business and private households. The focus being on nano finishing, sealing and coating.

Our professional range offers seven different product lines offering different product properties, depending on your requirements, for commercial or private customers.

Special advantages are achieved in the finishing of industrial surfaces, such as concrete and stone, facades or glass, including easy-to-clean, self-cleaning, and non-stick effects.

Our focus areas are highlighted throughout our website. These are:   

Nano Sealant – Nano Coating – Waterproofing – for almost all surfaces, with non-stick, anti-soiling, scratch-resistant, easy-to-clean, non-sticky, corrosion-resistant, bionic self-cleaning effects and much more. Surfaces which are tougher, weather-resistant, extreme temperature resistant, anti-fingerprint, abrasion resistance, anti-graffiti, anti-limescale, anti-bacterial, anti-fogging, with permanent impregnation, permanent sealing – and the combination of many of these properties in one. Special hybrid coatings (SIO² and TIO²) with self-cleaning effect. Titanium dioxide coating ( TIO²) with self-cleaning effect. Coating systems for aviation and marine application, e.g., anti-fouling, in line with the latest regulations. Products for graffiti removal and graffiti protection (breathable, durable, long-term), special care and cleaning products – to name just a few.

Thanks to our network of experts and developers from well-known European manufacturers, across research and development in the chemo technical industry, we have grown to be valued solution providers in the industry.