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Self-cleaning Titanium Dioxide Coating

Why is the coating of solar panels useful and effective?

Contrary to popular belief that solar panels are already self-cleaning, several long-term studies have shown that pollution resulted in significant power losses of 14% and more. These losses result from ever-present environmental influences such as pollen, moss formation, insect debris, fine dust, bird droppings, car and aircraft emissions, etc. In agricultural buildings, the pollution level increases significantly through seed particles and livestock, so that power losses of over 30% are possible.

Per KW of your installation this can mean a loss of up to 100,000 Euro per year.

Rainwater rinses off only part of the dirt and build-up.

A solar module can be compared to the surface structure of a window pane, where, despite their installation angle of 90 ° and their constant cleaning by rain, wind and snow, dirt is usually visible after a few months. If you do not clean the window panes manually then the dirt layer becomes thicker and the amount of light which can penetrate that glass decreases – the room behind the window gets darker!

With the solar module, this means a lower yield, as there is reduced sunlight reaching the photovoltaic cells!

The technical advantages of nano coating (lotus effect) can also be applied to photovoltaic installations and significantly increases their annual electricity yield. The cleaning intervals are reduced and thus valuable resources can be saved.

Example Calculation

Performance reduction due to polluted solar installations

Possible yield loss for a contaminated solar panel

Annual yield kWh: 94.106 / feed-in tariff: 0,3958 € / annual yield: 37.247,16 €

Yield reduction per year at a contamination level of:   

10%: 3.724,70 € / 20%: 7.449,40 € / 30%: 11.174,10 €

Calculation basis

  • Installed solar panel performance: 100KWp
  • Roof angle: 15°
  • South-facing deviation: 0°
  • System loss: 14%
  • Weather data set: Rottweil
  • Panel type: Kristallines Si 14

These are compelling reasons for a coating with Nano-/TIO² Technology.

With our modified products, we offer coatings with a shelf life of up to 5 years or up to 20 years. Please also see our product information sheet on Nano-TIO² coating with self-cleaning effect (TIO² Products)

Nano Sealant is an alcohol-based product that protects glass and plastic surfaces from fogging in outdoor applications (improving the light output or preventing uncontrolled dripping of condensation). The applied coating creates a thin hydrophilic film only a few nanometers thick. The surface tension allows condensed water to spread and completely flow from the solar panel.